Wolf Children Full Movie

Short Synopsis

College student Hana falls in love with another student who turns out to be a werewolf, who dies in an accident after their second child. Hana moves to the rural countryside where her husband grew up to raise her two werewolf children.

Full Synopsis

Hana is enrolled in a university, while working part-time as a dry cleaner, and living a single life alone in her apartment. She saw a boy in her class writing down notes, but with no textbook, and whom she had never seen before in any classes. Wolf man was his name, and he never intended on meeting anyone, nor a girl at this time. He wasn’t enrolled in school, just there to learn and read. Hana noticed one day that he never signed his sheets, so she chased him to get him to sign them, but he refused and tells her why. After that hana becomes more interested in wolf man and wants to know who he is. Wolf man works for a moving company, mostly for apartments, and is set out to buy an apartment of his own, where he can keep his books and call it his own. After some time hana asks him to move in with her. Soon hana finds out that wolf man isn’t normal, wolf man is a wolf. She isn’t truly frighten, but yet scared a bit. Soon they have a child, but they give birth at home with no one around because they don’t know if it will be a puppy, or a baby. It’s a beautiful girl named yuki. Through this story, yuki will narrate the liveschool and hana is going to go get her, but ams decides to leave for the forest. Hana leaves for him and forgets about yuki, and goes after ame. And this brings them all together in a way that a family loves each other. That’s the story of wolf children.

Director: Mamoru Hosoda
Writers: Mamoru Hosoda (story), Mamoru Hosoda (screenplay) |
Stars: Aoi Miyazaki, Takao Ohsawa, Haru Kuroki
Plot Keywords: werewolf | love | children | human becoming an animal | falling in love |
Taglines: Love wildly
Genres: Animation | Drama | Family | Fantasy
Certificate: PG