Watch Wicked City Full Movie

Set in a contemporary world where humanity shares a secret treaty with a hidden realm filled with demons, Wicked City follows the story of Renzaburo Taki, an agent of the clandestine “Black Guard” organization devoted to enforcing peace and balance between the two worlds. On the eve of the treaty’s renewal, Taki and his newly assigned partner from the demon world are assigned to protect Giuseppi Mayart, a lecherous VIP whose presence is vital to brokering peace from a militant sect of demon renegades who want to plunge the world into darkness. The first collaboration between Yoshiaki Kawajiri and Hideyuki Kikuchi, the so-called “Stephen King of Japan” more famously known for the Vampire Hunter D novel series, Wicked City is quintessential ’80s anime material: dark, violent, hyper-sexualized, and absolutely not for children. Kawajiri’s signature flair for Lovecraftian horror and stylized action is on full display here, elements that would be further explored in Demon City Shinjuku and later refined through his career-defining work on such films as Ninja Scroll and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.

Director: Yoshiaki Kawajiri
Writers: Kisei Choo, Hideyuki Kikuchi
Stars: Yûsaku Yara, Gregory Snegoff, Stuart Milligan
Plot Keywords: supernatural | strong language | f word | profanity | swearing
Taglines: When desire turns deadly, there’s no place to hide…
Genres: Animation | Fantasy | Horror | Sci-Fi
Certificate: 18