Ep 9 – “Revival of the Mad Emperor” / “Fukkatsu no Enperā” (復活の狂王)

Zero claims that can only sense an arrogant Pureblood vampire on the other side of the door, and Yuki falsely responds that her human self was eaten by her vampire side. As Yuki leaves the Sun Dormitory, Hanabusa brings her shoes. He notices her tears, which it is unheard of to him for seeing Pureblood vampires cry, but she views that only being allowed to cry in her own heart would be a punishment. Meanwhile, Kaname goes to where Rido’s original body is kept, and asks Ichiru to open his coffin. It really is a surprise for him to see Ichiru, as twins in vampire hunter families attempt to consume one another when they are in the womb. Kaname takes Ichiru’s sword and stabs his hand to give Rido the necessary blood to revive. As Kaname leaves, he reveals that he is the original member of the Kuran family, thus not related to Yuki, and Rido summoned him from his slumber, rendering Kaname unable to kill Rido. As Kaien meets with Toga Yagari, Zero arrives and asks Yagari to kill him, but Yagari refuses and leaves Zero in a prison cell, as Zero reminisces about what Yuki said to him.