Ep 8 – “Spiraling Recollections” / “Tsuioku no Supairaru” (追憶の螺旋)

Kaname leaves with Yuki, who recalls that her father Haruka Kuran died fighting Rido and that her mother Juri Kuran sacrificed herself to seal Yuki’s memories and transform her into a human. Kaname meets Akatsuki and Hanabusa, and reveals that Yuki is both his sister and his fiancée. Upon awakening, Yuki drinks Kaname’s blood and sees the scene that had tormented Zero after he drank Kaname’s blood. She is saddened that her parents sacrificed themselves to save her and begins to cry. Yuki realizes that her parents were siblings, and Kaname reveals that they are engaged, though this fact appears to disgust Yuki as it is something only animals would do. Kaname orders the Night Class students to keep the Day Class students in the Sun Dormitory. Meanwhile, Rima battles Senri and is seriously injured. However, she pleads to Senri to regain control of his body, and this disallows Rido from moving it. Yuki decides to talk to Zero, and, despite Akatsuki and Hanabusa’s pleas, goes to the Sun Dormitory. When Yuki arrives at the door to Zero’s room, she senses that Zero has pointed Bloody Rose at her.