Ep 7 – “The Kiss of Thorns” / “Ibara no Kisu” (茨の口づけ)

Senri approaches Kaname, who realizes that Senri is possessed by his uncle Rido Kuran. Kaname attacks Senri, but Takuma stops him, claiming that he will not allow Kaname to harm Senri. When Senri goes to see Ruka Souen in her room in an attempt to seduce her, Akatsuki intervenes and Hanabusa asks Senri to return back to his room. Yuki begs Kaname to return her memories, and she collapses in his arms after hallucinating again. Kaname takes Yuki to Kaien, who reveals that it is time to awaken Yuki. Yuki wakes up in her bed and hallucinates that the room is covered in blood. When Zero comes into the room, Yuki involuntarily attempts to strangle him. After Zero offers no resistance, he tells her that she needs Kaname more than she needs him. Kaname arrives and takes Yuki onto the roof of the building. He bites her, then he drinks his own blood, and transfers his blood to Yuki by kissing her. Zero arrives, misunderstanding that Kaname has turned Yuki into a vampire. However, Yuki reveals that Kaname is her older brother, meaning that she is also a Pureblood vampire.