Ep 6 – “The Fake Lovers” / “Itsuwari no Ravāzu” (偽りの恋人)

Kaname orders some of the Night Class students to guard Yuki after she has agreed to become his lover. Yuki begins to have nightmares and continues to see images of blood on everything she sees. When she collapses from these images, she is taken to the infirmary, where Ichiru attempts to give her a vial of blood, and he is stopped by Hanabusa. Yuki meets with Kaname, and, due to the awkwardness of their meeting, cannot ask any questions about her past. Kaien invites Ichiru to dinner with Zero, but Yuki brings up that she saw Ichiru in the infirmary and thought he was Zero. Zero’s furious response to this causes Ichiru to leave. Senri and Takuma return to the Moon Dormitory, and Rima realizes that someone is possessing Senri after seeing that one of his eyes is colored red.