Ep 4 – “Devil’s Awakening” / “Akuma no Ribidō” (悪魔の胎動)

Senri goes to see his great uncle, who takes him to a man immersed in a tub of blood. This man, claiming to be Senri’s late father, awakens and asks Senri to lend him his power. Seiren informs Kaname of this, prompting him to return to the academy. Meanwhile, Yuki, after recalling her recent conversation with Zero, hallucinates that her bath is filled with blood. Zero suggests that she look in the records of the Hunter’s Association for clues about her past. The two, along with Kaien, travel to its headquarters, where Yuki discovers that Kaien was formerly a vampire hunter. Zero is confronted by the president of the Hunter’s Association, who reveals that Zero can only save himself from becoming a Level E vampire either by drinking a Pureblood vampire’s blood or by reversing the “Cursed Twins”. When Yuki finds the book containing her past, it suddenly bursts into flames. That evening, Yuki is alone in her room when she sees a hallucination of herself as a little girl appearing in her room. Meanwhile, after Zero talks to Kaien about the Cursed Twins, he goes up to visit Yuki. Feeling upset about what happened, she cries in his arms all night. Also that night, Hanabusa confronts Kaname about his plans, and Kaname reveals that his parents were murdered, not having committed suicide. Meanwhile, Takuma meets with his grandfather Asato Ichijo, who addresses Senri as his lord.