Ep 2 – “The Eternal Promise ~Paradox~” / “Eien no Paradokkusu” (永遠の約束)

Yuki and her friend Sayori “Yori” Wakaba walk through the nearby town, and encounter a lost boy. Yuki offers to take him back to his parents, and the child takes her to an abandoned building. He kisses her in gratitude, which knocks Yuki unconscious. She awakens to find Kaname watching her. Kaname reveals that there is a party for vampires in the building, and asks Yuki not to leave the room. Meanwhile, Zero has been assigned to oversee the party by the Hunter’s Association. The child goes to Yuki’s room to apologize, and Yuki follows him. She views the party as Kaname enters, and many parents offers their daughters in marriage to Kaname. Yuki returns to her room, and Kaname comes in. Kaname, deciding to punish her, asks if she wants to be a vampire and live forever with him. Although she agrees, Kaname pulls away from her neck, revealing that his punishment to Yuki for leaving the room was taken too far. As Yuki meets up with Headmaster Kaien Cross and Yori, snow begins to fall, reminding Yuki of the day she was saved by Kaname from a vampire when she was a child. Yuki and Zero return to guardian duty the next morning. As he passes by, Kaname tells Yuki that he knows she meant what she had said the night before, but she should not take it to heart.