Ep 13 – “Vampire’s Knight” / “Vanpaia no Naito” (ヴァンパイアの騎士)

Using his new powers, Zero injures Rido with Bloody Rose, and Rido flees to the surrounding forest to drink the blood of his remaining servants to recover. Kaname fights Rido, but Zero then kills Rido with Bloody Rose. However, Yuki arrives to stop Zero before he readies to kill Kaname next. After Kaname tells Yuki it will soon be time to leave, he also informs the Night Class students that he has no further use of them, aside from some of them being devoted to him. As Zero says farewell to Yuki, he dares her to drink his blood to prove that she is a vampire. When doing so, she remembers when Zero told her that he could tell that she loved Kaname by her blood, learning that Zero had fallen in love with her. However, Zero, stating his role as a vampire hunter, says that he will ultimately kill Yuki, who will be looking forward to their next encounter someday, despite this cruel promise. Kaname questions Yuki if she truly wants to leave, even though Rido’s threat has been eliminated. However, she reminds him that he is among the people she wants to protect. After Yuki says goodbye to Kaien, she and Kaname leave the academy, along with Akatsuki, Hanabusa and Ruka. Senri and Rima find Takuma’s blade in the rumble of the estate, hoping for a reward for returning it to him. Kaien, after vowing to himself never to use his blade again, announces to the Day Class students in the auditorium that the danger has passed. Yagari ends up getting stuck with repairing the entrance gate that Kaien damaged during the battle, surprisingly getting help from the other vampire hunters. As Yuki remembers the promise that Zero gave her, she says to herself she will be waiting for that day to come.