Ep 12 – “World’s End” / “Sekai no Piriodo” (世界の果て)

Surrounded by his remaining servants, Rido drinks their blood and waits for Yuki to come to him. While the Night Class students still battle Rido’s servants, Yagari fights the vampires sent by the Hunter’s Association. However, they give up when they realize they are no match for Yagari. The president of the Hunter’s Association goes to Ichijo and asks for his blood to maintain his beauty. Ichijo kills him instead, disgusted by his behavior. Kaname goes to the meeting place of the Vampire Council and kills all of them except Ichijo, who manages to escape. As he leaves the building, Ichijo is confronted by Takuma, who uses an anti-vampire sword to fight him. Kaien arrives to fight the vampires sent by the Hunter’s Association, and Yuki and several Night Class students leave to fight Rido. When they attempt to fight him, he instantly paralyzes all of the Night Class members and attempts to drink Yuki’s blood. Despite Artemis rejecting her, Yuki’s determination to protect all of the students allows her to wield it, transforming into a scythe to reflect her vampiric nature. This amazes the Night Class students as a Pureblood should not be able to wield an anti-vampire weapon. Zero arrives and prepares to kill Rido, but he cannot control his new powers. Begging Yuki to slash him, Zero regains control after being injured by Artemis, then transforms Bloody Rose into a more powerful weapon.