Ep 11 – “Two Souls” / “Futari no Raibuzu” (二人の命)

Senri, now recovered, visits Rima in her room to thank her for calling out for him to regain control of his body. Kaien is confronted by the president of the Hunter’s Association, who demands that Kaien should give him Zero. Kaien refuses and fights the president, forcing him to retreat. For their safety, all the Day Class students are held in the auditorium, but Yori continues to worry about Yuki. Ichiru arrives in the prison cell and shoots Zero with the Bloody Rose. Zero recalls the close relationship he had with Ichiru when they were children and remembers Shizuka killing his parents. Ichiru, revealing that he was injured while attempting to kill Rido for Shizuka’s sake, asks Zero to consume him. Pretending to die from his wound, Ichiru succeeds in making Zero consume his blood so Zero can complete his vampire hunter powers to control his thirst for blood. Zero leaves the bell Ichiru kept as a memento of Shizuka in his brother’s hand before leaving the prison cell.