Ep 10 – “Prelude to the Battle” / “Tatakai no Pureryūdo” (戦いの序曲)

Yuki sees the sun for the first time as a vampire, and returns to her room with Hanabusa. Meanwhile, the Day Class students are gathered for evacuation, but many of them are separately attacked by Rido’s vampire servants, which are soon dispatched by the Night Class students. When Yori is attacked, Yuki and Hanabusa arrive and defend her. Yuki’s anti-vampire staff Artemis rejects her, but Hanabusa manages to kill the vampires. Even after learning that Yuki is a vampire, Yori still accepts Yuki as her best friend. Yagari confronts the vampire hunters sent to take Zero and demands the president of the Hunter’s Association to come himself. Hanabusa has Yuki rest in the room where Shizuka had stayed, in which she dreams of Shizuka expressing her love for Ichiru. After being awakened by Kaname, Yuki asks him to stay and defend her friends, but he refuses and asks her to stay in the room. After Kaname leaves, Yuki convinces Hanabusa to allow her to leave and takes the anti-vampire gun that Zero had given her. As Zero sits in silence in the prison cell, Kaname arrives, claiming that Zero is the “knight” he has prepared for the past four years to kill Rido. He reveals that Zero has been strengthened by drinking the blood of the three Pureblood vampires and is the stronger twin child of a vampire hunter. When Kaname tells Zero to kill Rido, Kaname reveals that Rido will hunt Yuki and claims that Zero will never betray Yuki.