Ep 9 – “Crimson Gaze” / “Kurenai no Aizu” (紅の視線)

Zero dreams about Shizuka, who cradles him in her arms in his dream. The Day Class students are excited over an upcoming ball, which they will attend with the Night Class students. Kaien asks Yuki to guide a transfer student to the Night Class named Maria Kurenai. When Maria attends class with the Night Class students, they are surprised by her boldness towards Kaname, and Hanabusa realizes that Maria resembles Shizuka. Maria encounters Yuki and Zero, who points his gun at her. Unsure whether Maria is Shizuka, he allows her to leave. Hanabusa voices his concern to Akatsuki that Maria resembles Shizuka. Hanabusa later talks to Zero, who asks if Maria has any connection to Shizuka. Hanabusa reveals that Zero should know the answer, as he has a blood bond with Shizuka. That evening, Kaname asks Takuma to observe Maria. Meanwhile, Maria playfully pretends to bite her companion in her room.