Ep 8 – “Gunshot of Sorrow” / “Nageki no Burasuto” (嘆きの銃声)

Kaname refuses to leave his room, a decision that worries most of the Night Class students. Shortly afterwards, Takuma reveals that his grandfather Asato Ichijo, a member of the Vampire Council, plans to visit the academy. Kaname leaves his room to greet Ichijo, who attempts to drink Kaname’s blood. Hanabusa and Ruka stop him, explaining that attempting to draw blood from a Pureblood vampire is taboo. Kaname hits Hanabusa for overstepping his authority, and later declines Ruka’s offer to drink her blood. Later, Ichijo tells Takuma to continue to serve Kaname but keep watch on him. Yuki and Zero take Ichijo to Kaien, who assigns Zero to hunt down a Level E vampire. Yuki follows him and learns that Senri and Rima Toya have been assigned by the Vampire Council to hunt the same vampire. After Zero ultimately kills the vampire, a girl, who had been watching the incident through the eyes of a raven, announces to a man beside her that she will attend Cross Academy.