Ep 7 – “The Scarlet Maze” / “Hiiro no Rabirinsu” (緋色の迷宮)

During his target practice, Zero reveals that he can sense Yuki’s feelings for Kaname through her blood, only to make Yuki angry for seeing inside of her. In a flashback, Yuki recalls when Kaien adopted her and that she was initially fearful of Kaname before becoming close to him. When Kaien brought Zero into the household, he explained to Yuki that his entire family had been killed by a vampire. Zero was quite different from how he is now back then, being quiet and keeping to himself. Shortly afterwards, Kaien established the Cross Academy with the Day Class and Night Class, which infuriated Zero. After class one day, Yuki attempted to visit Kaname, and saw him drinking the blood of a female Night Class student named Ruka Souen, which causes a frightened Yuki to run away. In the present, Zero finds Yuki asleep and is tempted to drink her blood. Kaname catches up to Zero, explaining that he has kept Zero alive all this time only for Yuki’s sake.