Ep 6 – “Their Choices” / “Karera no Kuraimu” (彼等の選択)

Yagari explains that he is Zero’s teacher, and sacrificed one of his eyes to save him in the past. As Yagari prepares to kill Zero, Yuki shields him, which confuses Yagari, who believed Zero was a Level E vampire. Kaien arrives and convinces Yagari to leave. The following day, Zero is missing from class and Yagari tells Yuki that he isolated Zero in Kaien’s guest room. Yuki goes to Zero, and he describes a previous incident he had with a Level E vampire, before reluctantly accepting Yuki’s offer to drink her blood. He warns her that he may soon acquire a taste for her blood, but Yuki dismisses the warning. Later, Yuki meets Kaname, who realizes that Zero drank Yuki’s blood. Yagari arrives and asks Kaname why he has not killed Zero. Kaname replies that he fears he would lose Yuki’s affection if he did so. The next day, Zero and Yagari are absent from class, and Yuki finds Yagari pointing his gun at Zero again. As he pulls the trigger, Zero moves the gun away, finally deciding to live and fight against his vampiric urges once more. Before leaving, Yagari reveals this to be his motive all along and encourages Zero to struggle with all his life.