Ep 5 – “Moonlight Festivities” / “Gekka no Sabado” (月下の饗宴)

Kaien gives Yuki a protection bracelet that would stop Zero if he attempts to bite her again. However, Zero also gives her an anti-vampire gun to kill him with should he lose his humanity. A new ethics teacher, Toga Yagari, joins the school, and in his first class, Zero leaves. In the town, a Level E vampire attacks Yuki and Zero, and they are saved by Night Class students Takuma Ichijo and Senri Shiki, who explain that they were hunting the Level E vampires as part of their duties as noble-class vampires. Takuma invites Yuki and Zero to his birthday party, in which Kaname explains to Yuki the continuing battle between vampires and vampire hunters. Zero leaves due to being uncomfortable by the presence of so many vampires and having smelt Takuma’s blood after his hand is sliced by a cake knife. Yuki follows Zero, seeing that his body is rejecting the blood tablets, but he attempts to bite her. Unable to use the bracelet on Zero, Yuki pulls him into a pool and Zero manages to overcome his bloodlust. Yagari, revealing himself as being a vampire hunter, shoots Zero in the shoulder.