Ep 4 – “Trigger of Condemnation” / “Danzai no Torigā” (断罪の銃爪)

Arriving at the scene, Kaname approaches Zero, but Yuki collapses when she tries to calm him down, due to the lack of blood. Kaname tends to the bite marks Zero gave Yuki, and Kaien later explains that Zero’s family was attacked by a Pureblood vampire named Shizuka Hio, who killed Zero’s family and turned Zero into a vampire. Only Pureblood vampires have the cursed ability to turn humans into vampires, so Yuki is in no danger from Zero’s bite. That evening, she overhears a conversation between Kaname and Kaien discussing Zero’s transfer to the Night Class. Yuki goes to the Night Class dorms, only to be briefly stopped by Hanabusa, in hopes to convince Kaname to stop the transfer. Kaname refuses, noting that Zero will ultimately become a Level E vampire. Meanwhile, Zero ponders shooting himself with his anti-vampire gun, but is stopped by Yuki. He begs her to kill him, but she refuses. He later attempts to run away from the school, and Yuki stops him again.