Ep 13 – “Crimson Chains” / “Shinku no Ringu” (深紅の鎖)

As Shizuka slowly dies at Ichiru’s side, her soul temporarily reappears as Maria. Not wanting to turn him into a vampire, she tells him about her past engagement to a Pureblood vampire. She once fell in love with a human and turned him into a vampire. Ichiru leaves with Shizuka’s body and when he meets Zero, he relates the hatred Zero feels for him. Zero collapses shortly afterwards due to his thirst for blood and is sent to the medical clinic. Akatsuki arrives and tells Kaname that he believes that Zero killed Shizuka, but this bothers Hanabusa greatly. Hanabusa later explains to Akatsuki that Shizuka’s fiancé was executed by Zero and Ichiru’s parents because he had changed the list of vampires to be executed by the Hunter’s Association. Meanwhile, Yuki asks Kaien about Zero’s condition, and later confides her guilt about Zero’s pain to Kaname. Kaname goes to Zero’s room and forces Zero to drink his blood to alleviate his madness, claiming that keeping him alive is for Yuki’s sake.