Ep 12 – “Vow of the Pureblood” / “Junketsu no Puraido” (純血の誓い)

Yuki tells Maria to drink her blood in exchange for saving Zero, but Yuki is caught off guard when Shizuka transfers her soul from Maria into her original body. When Zero arrives to stop her, Shizuka uses her voice to compel Zero to restrain Yuki, and he breaks the compulsion by shooting himself in the leg. He injures Shizuka, and she leaves after Ichiru arrives. Ichiru begins to fight Zero, and Yuki stops their fight. Ichiru threatens to kill Yuki, and in response, Zero points Bloody Rose at Ichiru’s head. Ichiru reveals that the gun cannot harm him, as Shizuka never changed him into a vampire. Meanwhile, Yagari continues to argue with Kaien, who claims that he cannot interfere with vampire affairs under Kaname’s jurisdiction. Shizuka goes to Kaname’s room, and he pierces her heart with his hand. As he drinks her blood, he vows to destroy their mutual enemy. Realizing that Shizuka is injured, Ichiru leaves and finds Shizuka’s body.