Ep 11 – “The Consequence of Desire” / “Nozomi no Dīru” (望みの代償)

Ichiru reveals that he felt inferior and worthless in comparison to Zero, and this led to him to ally with Shizuka. Ichiru attacks Zero and their fight is stopped by Yagari, who is stabbed in the shoulder by Ichiru’s sword. Zero takes Yagari to Kaien, and Yagari tells Kaien that Ichiru has returned. Yuki recalls Maria’s proposal to save Zero, that being either to give Maria her blood or to kill Kaname. Yuki allows Zero to feed on her blood while mulling on Maria’s proposal. Kaname gives Yuki a ball dress, and during the ball, they dance on the terrace. Yuki later accuses Kaname of treating her like a child, and Kaname claims that he simply wishes to protect her. Yuki leaves to talk with Maria, and Zero searches for her. Meanwhile, Hanabusa and Akatsuki find Shizuka’s real body encased underground, and Seiren, another Night Class student, tells them that Kaname has ordered them to leave it alone.