Ep 25 – “Toradora!” / “Toradora!” (とらドラ!)

After hearing a voicemail from Taiga saying that Ryūji’s life is in danger, Yasuko arrives at Ryūji’s grandparent’s house, where Ryūji is healthy and waiting. Yasuko makes up with her parents and tells Ryūji that his father ran off while she was still pregnant, and she gave birth to him. Ryūji decides that he and Taiga should not run away, and instead get married with everyone’s approval. They have a rehearsed wedding at night in their room where they share their first kisses. They all go home, but Taiga, after listening to her mother’s exasperated voicemails, decides to return home to fix her own life and make her worthy of Ryūji’s love. Ryūji finds a note in Taiga’s apartment and realizes that Taiga has left without saying a word. Minori is not happy that Ryūji lets her leave, but he has come to terms with everything, choosing to trust Taiga. Ryūji receives a message from Taiga, noting that he never said that he loved her. Taiga also sends everyone a mail with a picture of the night sky and a single star, and Minori feels that this is supposed to encourage them to do their best despite feeling small and insignificant. Everyone gets together to send a group picture to Taiga. A year later, the class graduates, and rumors among the underclassmen spread about the Ryūji’s girlfriend, the Palmtop Tiger. As he looks back on the school, Ryūji sees a familiar head of hair through one of the windows and rushes to the classroom. He enters and nobody is present, but he calmly finds Taiga hiding in the locker where she hid shortly after they first met. Still remembering her message, Ryūji tells Taiga that he loves her. Blushing, Taiga instinctively headbutts Ryūji, angry that he said it so anticlimactically.