Ep 1 – “Tennis Circle “Cupid” / “Tenisu Sākuru “Kyūpiddo”” (テニスサークル「キューピッド」)

One night, at a ramen stall behind Shimogamo Shrine, the main character meets Higuchi, who claims to be a god of matchmaking (who gives his name as Kamotaketsunuminokami and then Kamotaketsunominokamo moments later) and who tells him that Akashi will be bound to either him or Ozu. As a freshman in college, he had joined the tennis circle, which was filled with couples. Lamenting over his failure to get in a romantic relationship, and encouraged by Ozu, he spends his next two years concentrating on foiling his fellow student’s romantic relations. He came to like Akashi, and had promised her to take her to the ramen stall behind the shrine. Prompted by the matchmaking god, he confronts Akashi during the O-bon that night, but fails to invite her.