Ep 8 – “Reading Circle “SEA” / “Dokusho Sākuru “SEA”” (読書サークル「SEA」)

Another one of the three clubs the main character joined in the previous episodes was the Reading Circle Sea, where the protagonist finds himself in a silent club full of reading. Ozu lends him a young adult novel to read for his club. Inside the cover of the novel the protagonist finds a name and an address of the previous owner, Keiko, to who he begins to correspond with. After taking care of the love-doll Kaori, the protagonist goes out drinking with Hanuki. He realizes his feelings for Keiko and rushes out to meet her as had been agreed upon earlier. He heads off to her apartment, but finds Ozu instead. Akashi then explains the truth behind the letters, revealing that it was a prank started by Ozu but later taken up by her. She then thanks him for rescuing her back in the previous episode under the superhero guise. He then returns home arguing with his Johnny, claiming that she wanted the superhero him; which he was not. He regrets his actions and wishes to find victory in his love life, suddenly the clock of time begins to move backwards again.