Ep 7 – “Hero Show Association” Circle” / “Sākuru “Hiro Shō Dōkōkai”” (サークル「ヒーローショー同好会」) 

Another one of the three clubs the main character joined in the previous episode was the Hero Show Association, wherein he dresses up in a hero costume and performs shows for kids. Jogasaki hires him to take care of his love-doll Kaori, who he falls in love with. In the meantime, he corresponds with Keiko and gets close to Hanuki. In a single day, Hanuki asks him out for drinks, Keiko asks to meet in person, and Jogasaki says he will take Kaori back. He goes after Hanuki, gets dragged back to her apartment, and ends up in the bathroom, as before, but now decides to run out of the bathroom and elope with Kaori. On his returning home, Kaori starts asking him to rescue her from Jogasaki, and he tries to elope with her (the voice of the doll is suspiciously similar to Ozu, who might have instigated the whole sequence). Again he is torn over whether or not to take advantage of her, all but doing so at Johnny’s insistence, until Jogasaki, informed of the main character’s exploits by Ozu, finds the protagonist, kicks him away, and takes Kaori back. Though the main character acknowledges this is probably for the best, he remains regretful, and proclaims that he should’ve gone out to meet with Keiko.