Ep 6 – “English Conversation Circle “JoEnglish” / “Eikaiwa Sākuru “Joingurisshu”” (英会話サークル「ジョイングリッシュ」) 

More determined than in previous episodes, the main character decides to join three circles during his freshman year, one of which is the English Conversation Circle (notably, the other circles and his exploits therein are explored in the following two episodes). He meets Hanuki, another member of the club, and becomes closer and closer to her, while living with Kaori the love-doll, and writing letters to an elegant girl named Keiko. Hanuki asks him out to drink, Kaori is about to be taken from him, and Keiko asks him to meet her in person all on the same day. After much deliberation, he goes after Hanuki, and finds himself dragged back to Hanuki’s apartment. He undergoes an internal discussion with Johnny, the personification of his sexual desires, as Hanuki, inebriated, begins to flirt with him, and he attempts to not take advantage of her. In desperation, he flees to Hanuki’s bathroom and further debates his situation with himself. He makes no decision, save not to act, gets out after Hanuki has gone, and returns home. Although things haven’t turned out for the worst, the main character still feels dissatisfied and proclaims his desire to relive the past few hours.