Ep 4 – “Disciples Wanted” / “Deshi Motomu” (弟子求ム)

The protagonist signs up as a disciple of Higuchi, but discovers that he is 15 minutes too late to be the first disciple, the position having been usurped by Ozu. Higuchi makes him and Ozu do several meaningless tasks, and the main character is not sure what training he is receiving. Akashi is also a part of the disciple group. The protagonist receives a task to find a mystical tortoise brush that can clean almost anything, and he’s helped by Akashi in this quest. When he does find the brush, his master reveals that he has been chosen as a successor in the proxy proxy war with Jogasaki, and Jogasaki chooses Ozu as his proxy. Ozu was playing as a double agent all along. The master then leaves, and the main character becomes the next in the series of proxy proxy wars, the original cause of which has been lost in the mists of time.