Ep 3 – “Cycling Association “Soleil” / “Saikuringu Dōkōkai “Soreiyu”” (サイクリング同好会「ソレイユ」)

In his freshman year, the main character joined a cycling club, Soleil, in the hope of attracting a girlfriend. He finds himself too frail to bike, and quits the club, but refuses to quit cycling, saving up for a better bike to compensate for his weak stature. The bike is stolen and the main character ends up depressed. Akashi, formerly of Soleil, recruits him to pilot the plane she is designing to be entered in the Birdman contest, wherein human-powered one-person planes are launched out over Lake Biwa until they fall. To please Akashi, he trains himself, believing further pedaling ability to be key to victory in the contest. His increased build excludes him from piloting the plane and he leaves. He finds Ozu, who is stealing Akashi’s plane on a cart. The cart the plane was on begins to slip down a grade towards a pond. He tries to pedal the plane away only to discover that the plane was to be entered in the free-flying category and has no pedals. The main character laments all the effort he has wasted over these years as he sinks with the plane into a pond.