Watch Sword Of The Stranger Full Movie

The feature debut of Masahiro Ando, whose career was distinguished solely by being a episode director and key animator for such series as Wolf’s Rain and Witch Hunter Robin, Sword of the Stranger possesses all the key pieces and players that make up a prototypical, though otherwise satisfying chanbara action film—a nameless ronin who abstains from bloodshed in a quiet bid for atonement, a youth cast at the heart of a fanatical plot, and a ruthless foreign adversary who yearns solely for a worthy opponent to face in battle. What really distinguishes the film apart from its ilk are the sparse yet impressive action sequences choreographed by legendary key animator Yutaka Nakamura, culminating in what is arguably one of the most stunningly animated sword fight showdowns between “No Name” and the European Ming commander Luo-Lang. If you’re looking for a solid samurai action film with sword fights that are a cut above the rest, Sword of the Stranger is that film.

Director: Masahiro Andô
Writers: Fumihiko Takayama
Stars: Tomoya Nagase, Yuri Chinen, Kôichi Yamadera
Plot Keywords: dog | warrior | swordsman | sword fight | surrealism
Taglines: Some men kill in order to live. Some don’t need a reason…
Genres: Animation | Action | Adventure
Certificate: Not rated