Ep 8 – “The Sword Dance of Black and White” / “Kuro to Shiro no Kenbu” (黒と白の剣舞) 

After adventuring on the 74th floor, Kirito finds a Ragout Rabbit, a rare S-class animal with top grade meat. Unable to cook well, Kirito decides to sell it to Agil, but he changes his mind when Asuna arrives and tells them that she has mastered her cooking skills. Kirito asks her to cook the meat in exchange for a share of the meal. Asuna’s escort Kuradeel, sent by the Knights of the Blood Oath, is against Asuna inviting Kirito to her home as he is the infamous “Beater”, but Asuna ignores him. Over the meal, Asuna and Kirito agree to team up to explore the dungeons in the 74th floor and meet the following day. However, Kuradeel appears and challenges Kirito to a duel, promising to leave them alone if Kirito wins. Kirito defeats Kuradeel easily by breaking his sword but Kuradeel refuses to lose, until Asuna relieves him of his duties and orders him to return to the headquarters of the Knights of the Blood Oath.