Ep 5 – “Murder in the Safe Zone” / “Kennai Jiken” (圏内事件) 

During a meeting between guilds on the 56th floor, Asuna, who has become Vice-Commander of the Knights of the Blood Oath, the most powerful guild in SAO, proposes a plan to lure a boss they are fighting into a village. However, Kirito opposes the plan, as the non-player character villagers will be killed. A month later, on the 59th floor, Asuna finds Kirito taking a nap, and chastises him for being lazy. Kirito persuades her to relax, and she falls asleep. To repay him for guarding her while she was asleep, Asuna offers to buy dinner for him, but their meal is interrupted by a scream. They rush out of the restaurant to find a player, Caynz, hanging outside a church, impaled with a spear. He dies immediately after. Fearing there is an unknown player versus player skill, they began to investigate the murder. Later, Yolko, Caynz’ girlfriend, mentions someone may have been spotted behind Caynz as he was impaled. After informing Yolko of their discovery, she explains to them how she and Caynz used to be part of a guild called Golden Apple, and they are related to an old blacksmith named Grimlock, who was the husband of their deceased leader, Griselda. But during her explanation, Yolko is abruptly killed by a dagger thrown from the window.