Ep 4 – “The Black Swordsman” / “Kuro no Kenshi” (黒の剣士) 

A beast tamer named Silica quits a guild after arguing with their leader, Rosalia. Later, Silica is ambushed by a group of monsters while making her way alone through the forest, and her dragon familiar, Pina, is killed while trying to protect her. Kirito arrives and saves Silica. He tells her of an item at the Hill of Memories on the 47th floor, which can revive her familiar within three days of its death, and offers to accompany her there. As they spend time together, Kirito warns Silica of “orange players”, players who commit crimes, and “red players”, players who kill other players. When they finally retrieve the item, the Pneuma Flower, they are confronted by Rosalia and her men, who are members of Titan’s Hand, an orange-player guild, and are after the flower. Kirito then reveals that his true motivation for escorting Silica was to draw Rosalia out and arrest her. The guild then realizes Kirito is the infamous Beater, “The Black Swordsman” and get frightened but attack anyway. However, Kirito is revealed to be Level 78 with health point of 14500 plus an auto generation healing skill, and effortlessly outmatches and detains the members of Titan’s Hand. After they retrieve the flower, Silica revives Pina and thanks Kirito gratefully.