Ep 25 – “The World Seed” / “Sekai no Shushi” (世界の種子) 

Rushing to the hospital, Kazuto is attacked by an injured Sugou wielding a knife. The latter attempts to kill Kazuto, but his poor eyesight prevented him from doing so. Kazuto disarms him and, considering Sugou’s actions, ultimately spares his life. Kazuto finally meets with Asuna, and they have a tearful reunion. On May 16, 2025, Kazuto and Asuna attend a special school for students who were trapped in SAO. As they have lunch, Kazuto reveals that Sugou was captured by the police after their fight and that his crimes have been exposed by one of his employees. The 300 players that were trapped by Sugou have been released, but his experiments shocked the public, resulting in other VRMMO titles to be shut down in fear of more cybercrimes being committed, and fall of the genre as a whole. It is also revealed that after SAO collapsed, Akihiko committed suicide by using his Nerve Gear. Later, Asuna, Kazuto, and Suguha head to Andrew’s bar, along with Liz/Rika Shinozaki, Silica/Keiko Ayano, Yolko, Kains, Sasha, Yulier, Thinker, Klein/Ryōtarō Tsuboi, and his guild, where they finally have a proper celebration for clearing SAO and ALO. Kazuto explains that the World Seed was built by Akihiko, using the same engine made to create Sword Art Online and ALfheim Online. When Kirito uploaded the World Seed to the Internet, hundreds of people, ranging from normal players to small game companies, built their own worlds using the World Seed, effectively reviving the VRMMO gaming genre. Later that night, Suguha returns to a World Seed version of ALO, flying to the moon and falling back, but was caught by Kazuto mid-air. The latter then takes Suguha (along with the rest of the players he met through the series) to Aincrad, telling her that he’s going back to the floating castle to finish all 100 stages of it, while starting from scratch by resetting his stats.