Ep 2 – “Beater” / “Bītā” (ビーター) 

One month since the start of SAO, 2,000 players are dead, and the first floor has yet to be cleared. Kirito attends a meeting organized by fellow beta-tester Diabel, who announces to the attendants that his party, a group of characters adventuring together in a role-playing game, has found Illfang the Kobold Lord, the boss of the first floor. Parties are formed to prepare for battle, and Kirito teams up with a young girl named Asuna. The next day, Diavel’s raid group arrives at the boss’ room and battles Illfang and his minions. When Illfang’s health becomes low, Diavel goes for the finishing attack. However, Kirito recognises the weapon the boss is wielding, which Diavel identifies wrongly, and attempts to warn him, but Illfang attacks first and mortally wounds Diavel. As he dies, Diavel begs Kirito to defeat the boss and save the players. Though they destroy the boss, Kirito is accused of being a “beater”—a combination of a “beta-tester” and “cheater”—for Diavel’s death.