Ep 11 – “The Girl of the Morning Dew” / “Asatsuyu no Shōjo” (朝露の少女) 

After Kuradeel’s demise, Kirito and Asuna’s friendship has grown stronger and they marry in-game. Asuna is granted a temporary leave from her guild. They go on a vacation and stay at their new home in a village on the 22nd floor. The couple later find a lost girl in the forest and see her suddenly collapse. As they approach the unconscious girl, they discover that she does not have a cursor above her, suggesting a glitch meaning a software error. They take the girl to their home and she wakes up the following day. However, upon questioning from Asuna and Kirito, the girl is able to remember her name, Yui. Yui calls Asuna and Kirito “Mama” and “Papa”, respectively, which Asuna and Kirito happily agree to. They decide to go to the Town of Beginnings on the 1st floor to see if they can find anybody that knows Yui. Instead, they find a young woman named Sasha and the children she’s taking care of being extorted by the Aincrad Liberation Force for taxes. Asuna attacks their leader, scaring him and the rest of the soldiers away. While Sasha thanks Asuna for defending them, Yui starts to panic suddenly, causing a glitch-like occurrence before being rendered unconscious again.