Ep 4 – “Interpreter Rendezvous” / “Kūri Hōkō no Randevū” (空理彷徨のランデヴー)

With further information about SERN’s time travel experiments encrypted in a code that Daru can’t decipher, Okabe learns from Titor that he needs the IBM 5100 computer Moeka was looking for in order to decode it. While doing his laundry, Okabe runs into Kurisu, who is still in denial about a time machine existing and tells her about the IBM 5100. She later becomes intrigued after a contact of hers confirms Okabe’s story about the IBM’s capabilities. Later, Mayuri’s maid café co-worker and owner, Faris Nyannyan, informs Okabe that an IBM 5100 had been donated to Luka’s family shrine. Luka’s father tells Okabe that the person who donated the PC said that someday a young man would come looking for it, allowing Okabe and Kurisu to have it.