Ep 11 – “Dogma in Event Horizon” / “Jikū Kyōkai no Doguma” (時空境界のドグマ)

Okabe discovers that a television in the electronics shop below the lab acts as a “lifter”, as the D-Mails can only be sent when it is turned on. Kurisu then theorizes that it might be possible to send memories back in time in the same manner as D-Mails, allowing the consciousness of a person to “time leap” to the past. As Okabe goes into town with Mayuri to look for parts Kurisu needs, he explains to her that a time leap may be safer to conduct than simply sending D-Mails due to the nature of chaos theory, as the D-Mails can produce unexpected consequences once sent. They run into Moeka along the way, as well as Suzuha, who tells Okabe that Kurisu works for SERN, though Kurisu denies this when asked. Kurisu tells Okabe about the problems she has with her father, who grew to hate her because she surpassed him in scientific prowess. Later on when out shopping, Okabe receives another threatening text message with a picture of a severed head attached, causing him to return to the lab, fearing for Mayuri’s safety. Later, Daru informs the group that the lab had been connected to the SERN network without them knowing.