Ep 9 – “Chaos Theory Homeostasis II” / “Gensō no Homeosutashisu” (幻相のホメオスタシス)

Faris learns about the Phone Microwave as Okabe discusses it with Daru, becoming very interested in it. Later, Okabe discovers that the IBM has gone missing from the lab, which was apparently never found it in the first place as a result of Moeka’s D-Mail. Kurisu concludes that the minor changes to the past that resulted from their previous D-Mails had caused a butterfly effect. After learning that the IBM 5100 had been previously taken from Luka’s shrine, Okabe finds Moeka in town and confronts her, only to learn that she does not know the whereabouts of the IBM 5100 either. Okabe learns that Mayuri has met Moeka before in the current timeline, which gives him confirmation of Kurisu’s conclusions. Okabe, Daru and Mayuri go to see Faris, where she reveals that her real name is Rumiho Akiha and that her family owns Akihabara, and states that her family were the ones who had donated the IBM in the first place. She offers them information on it in exchange for being allowed to send a D-Mail ten years into the past. Okabe reluctantly agrees and makes her Lab Member 007. They then successfully send a remote D-Mail from her apartment, causing Okabe to experience another world line shift. Faris’s father appears in the apartment and Okabe questions him on the IBM’s whereabouts, only to learn that he no longer has it in his possession. As he leaves the apartment, Okabe realizes the physical geography of Akihabara has completely changed, no longer being a mecca for anime culture.