Ep 3 – “Parallel World Paranoia” / “Heiretsu Katei no Paranoia” (並列過程のパラノイア)

Okabe agrees to let Kurisu look at the microwave on the condition she become a lab member. After conducting another experiment which results in an explosion, they learn that Daru was testing the microwave with his phone connected to it at the time Okabe sent his text about Kurisu’s stabbing. Okabe concludes that the microwave is, in fact, a time machine which rerouted his text into the past, causing Kurisu to leave in shock. After hearing about the Large Hadron Collider and micro black holes, Okabe asks Daru to hack into SERN’s network. On the online forum, Titor further explains his theories and about SERN creating a dystopian future. After hacking SERN’s email, Okabe and Daru discover SERN had already been performing top secret micro black hole experiments, which resulted in the death of various humans.