Ep 25 – “Egoistic Poriomania” / “Ōkō Bakko no Poriomania” (横行跋扈のポリオマニア)

Two months after the main storyline, Okabe, Daru, Mayuri, and Luka are invited by Faris to come to Los Angeles, where she will participate in a Rai-Net tournament, reuniting with Kurisu upon their arrival. Due to Okabe’s cancellation of Faris’s hotel reservations for them as a result of his mad scientist persona, the group checks into a motel. Later that night, Kurisu talks to Okabe about the dreams she has had of past world lines. After visiting the card tournament Faris had entered, Okabe spots someone that looks like Suzuha and chases after her, having a conversation in which she mentions that a fortune teller had foretold her having a child in seven years. After the girl leaves, Okabe discovers that his phone is uncharged and he is almost broke, leading him to make his way back to the city on foot. He is eventually found by Kurisu, who becomes stranded with him after her car is found to be out of gas. Waiting to be rescued, they discuss about the world line where they confessed their love for each other and Okabe once again tells Kurisu he loves her. Kurisu responds by telling him to close his eyes, just as she did before their first kiss in the other world line.