Ep 21 – “Paradox Meltdown” / “Ingaritsu no Meruto” (因果律のメルト)

Not wanting to move to a world line where Kurisu dies, Okabe decides against the hacking. Too afraid to tell Kurisu the reason behind his change of plans, Okabe accompanies Mayuri to a comic market, trying to think of a way he can save her without changing to a world line where Kurisu is stabbed. As a car appears during Mayuri’s fated time to die, Okabe attempts to change destiny by letting the car hit him instead, but Mayuri pushes him out of the way and dies in his place. After he leaps back in time, Kurisu has Okabe reveal to her that she dies in the Beta world line. Okabe finds Mayuri visiting her grandmother’s grave, where he overhears that she’s been having dreams of the times she has died, and that she has noticed Okabe’s suffering. Kurisu visits the location where she is destined to die in the Beta world line.