Ep 17 – “Made in Complex” / “Kyozō Waikyoku no Konpurekkusu” (虚像歪曲のコンプレックス)

Despite the change in divergence, Mayuri’s death still takes place, albeit a day later than in the previous world line. Okabe asks for help from Kurisu, who theorizes that, since negating Okabe’s D-Mail stopping Suzuha delayed the attack, undoing the effects of the other D-Mails could bring them back to a world line where they have an IBM 5100, letting them hack into SERN and delete the records that set them on Okabe’s trail. Okabe starts by trying to figure out how to reverse Faris’s D-Mail. After helping her evade a rival gang of Rai-Net players, Okabe takes Faris to the place where her maid cafe used to be and tells her about the way Akihabara was. This causes Faris to recall some of her memories from that timeline and the D-Mail she sent: a fake ransom note, which prevented her father from boarding a plane fated to crash. The rival gang catches up to them but they are rescued by the arrival of Faris’s father. Speaking to him, Okabe learns that he was forced to sell the IBM in order to pay for the fake kidnapping’s ransom. After accepting the reality of her father’s death, Faris agrees to send a D-Mail cancelling out her previous one, turning Akihabara back into a moe hub. The IBM, however, still remains out of Okabe’s reach.