Ep 16 – “Sacrificial Necrosis” / “Fukagyaku no Nekurōshisu” (不可逆のネクローシス)

Unable to get much information about the badge maker’s client, Okabe decides to leap back in time to confront the client in question, only to find it was Daru, who wanted to make a fake badge to cheer Suzuha up. Daru then reveals that Suzuha’s time machine is only able to travel backwards in time, meaning they won’t be able to see her again once she leaves. As the repairs to the time machine are completed, Mayuri deduces from the time machine’s name that Suzuha’s father is actually Daru. After a short reunion, Suzuha travels back to 1975, though Okabe notices the Divergence Meter’s reading has not changed. A few hours later, Mr. Braun delivers a letter from Suzuha from the year 2000, mentioning that she committed suicide a year later. In the letter, Suzuha laments that she had failed her mission, as the damages to the time machine caused her to lose her memories for 24 years. Okabe blames himself for stopping her on the night of the party and, despite Mayuri’s pleas, sends a D-Mail that stops him from following Suzuha, letting her use the time machine before it was damaged. Speaking with Mr. Braun again in the new world line, Okabe learns that Suzuha had died of illness instead, leaving behind the Divergence Meter. Noticing a small change in divergence, Okabe returns home and finds Mayuri has not been killed.