Ep 15 – “Missing Link Necrosis” / “Bōkanjō no Nekurōshisu” (亡環上のネクローシス)

Suzuha explains how SERN was able to build a time machine and use it to create a totalitarian world in 2036 and that she had planned to travel to 1975 to acquire an IBM 5100, but made a detour to the year 2010 to look for her father. When she tries to start the time machine she discovers it had broken down, which Okabe realizes was a result of the storm on the night he stopped her from leaving. Okabe then time leaps two days before the completion of the time leap machine, gathering the lab members and explaining the situation while getting Daru to fix Suzuha’s time machine. Meanwhile, Mayuri suggests they also help Suzuha find her father, using his badge as a clue. Suzuha gives Okabe the Divergence Meter, which keeps track of the magnitude of differences between world lines, and tells him about how he founded the resistance against SERN in the future. After spending the day searching for Suzuha’s father, she gives her thanks to Okabe, who suddenly receives a lead on Suzuha’s father from a badge maker.