Ep 13 – “Metaphysics Necrosis” / “Keijijō no Nekurōshisu” (形而上のネクローシス)

After Mayuri’s death Suzuha rushes in the lab and creates a distraction, allowing Kurisu to use the time leap machine to send Okabe back in time to 5 p.m. the same day. Okabe drives everyone out of the lab before frantically searching for Mayuri, during which he receives a call from Kurisu, who deduces that he made a time leap. Finding Mayuri, Okabe attempts to flee with her to the station, only for the trains to have stopped. When they are both approached by Rounders, they attempt to flee, but Mayuri is once again killed when she is run over by Moeka’s car. Escaping the Rounders’ clutches and performing another time leap, Okabe locates Mayuri sooner and escape to the subway station. However, Mayuri is killed once again when Yūgo’s daughter, Nae, accidentally pushes her in the path of an oncoming train. Devastated, Okabe vows to keep leaping to the past until he manages to save Mayuri.