Ep 21 – “Twenty-First Slaughter” / “Dai futatō to hito wa” (第腐汰悼と悲屠話)

Sunako fears for her life; the villagers seem ever closer to eliminating all shiki. Tatsumi and Seishin execute a plan to save Sunako, but this is not very reliable due to the preparation of the inhabitants, so Seishin escapes to the temple where he lived and hides away. As the mob tries to enter the building, his mother and friends attempt to stop them, but are brutally murdered. Despite this, Seishin and Sunako escape, with the villagers following his trail of blood. Using a suitcase to hide Sunako from the sunlight, Seishin hides her under some brush and flees, hoping that they will follow him and not notice the suitcase.