Ep 19 – “Nineteenth Coffin” / “Dai tō to kyū wa” (第悼と柩話)

Chizuru is killed by Megumi’s father when he drives a stake through her heart. Ozaki explains to the villagers about the shiki, and their weaknesses. The villagers then go around town, knocking on doors asking if there were any other houses that have been reoccupied and announcing a demon cleansing; in one such house is a woman who has risen up, but is being protected by her daughter. Kaori’s undead father enters his family’s house once again and tries to talk with Kaori, but Kaori beats him to death with a baseball bat in her traumatized state. Sunako orders Tatsumi to kill Ozaki saying that doing so will stop further problems and then to kill the villagers thereby, lowering their numbers. She laments on how lonely Chizuru must have felt as she died.