Ep 8 – “Shock of the Rai Ryu Sen” / “Rairyūsen no Shōgeki! Yami ni Hōmurareta Kenshin” (雷龍閃の衝撃! 闇に葬られた剣心)

The round man accidentally breaks his dog whistle when Kenshin fights back, losing control of the dogs. So, in turn, Kenshin ends up saving himself and the round man from the dogs. The round man is confused, since he was told that Kenshin is a demon and has to be killed. The round man chains Kenshin to a tree and goes for Lady Magdalia to see what he should do with Kenshin. Kaoru confronts Shōgo concerning his purpose having Kenshin dead. Kenshin, broken free of the chains, remains at the tree as Kaoru, Shōgo, Lady Magdalia, and the round man comes to see him. Shōgo battles against Kenshin to prove of his superior strength and speed. Kenshin chooses to execute the Kuzu-ryūsen attack instead of the Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki attack, showing mercy upon Shōgo. However, Shōgo strikes Kenshin with blindness, as he falls over a cliff into the waters below.