Ep 7 – “To the Battlefield of Shimabara” / “Taisen no Chi, Shimabara e! Shiyū o Kessuru Toki” (対戦の地, 島原へ! 雌雄を決する時)

As the group explore Shimabara, they are introduced to an ambassador named Sir Elsten, who is acquainted with Kenshin for saving his life a decade ago at the end of the Edo dynasty. Sir Elsten urges to be contacted if a potential riot occurs. Shōgo is unaware that Sanosuke has the medallion, as he and Lady Magdalia are traveling toward Shimabara. With a crowd of Christians gathered near, Shōgo proves to them that he is deemed the child of God by performing miracles. Kaoru tells Yahiko that she feels pity for the persecuted Christians. The two notice that a group of Christian children dropped a medallion after being seen. Kaoru later enters a house outside a cave, only to find out the location of a cathedral. Meanwhile, Kenshin and Sanosuke are in another part of the cave being surrounded by a herd of dogs led by a round man with a dog whistle.