Ep 6 – “The Medallion of Destiny” / “Unmei no Medario, Sanosuke to Sayo no Deai” (運命のメダリオ· 左之助と小夜の出会い)

Shōgo appears to where Chō Sawagejō is protecting yet another politician. He easily defeats Chō, and flawlessly kills the politician. When the groups goes to visit Chō in a hospital, it is confirmed that Shōgo surpasses Kenshin in skill. Okina finds out that the three men killed were responsible for persecuting Christians during the Edo dynasty. Sanosuke enters a cavern behind a waterfall and finds a Christian occult gathered in front of Shōgo’s younger sister Lady Magdalia and her childhood friend Shōzo. Sanosuke follows the two outside, and later assaults a band of police officers who were after a medallion in their possession. An agitated Shōzo manages to cause Sanosuke to delve into the waterfall, however soon losing hold of the medallion. Kenshin learns about how Shōgo betrayed his uncle to seek revenge for the befallen Christians.